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Director Phil Coulson with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

[Independent selective Coulson RP blog. MCU/AOS, incorporating aspects of 616 canon and MAU.]

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sketch commission for kittenskysong !!  Fury and Coulson <3 

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"Do you want talk, maybe, about the dynamic between Coulson and May, because it’s such an interesting relationship, and it’s almost hard to know, it’s like… They’re always just looking out for one another, and it’s like who’s the caregiver, but really they both are." (x)

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Clark Gregg being his adorable self at the SDCC (x)

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How I imagine Agent Coulson dances after a few drinks

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Please don't make Coulson gay because you can. He was created straight and written straight in Battle Scars.



Look, no-one said I was or wasn’t writing Coulson in Secret Avengers as gay. One beautiful thing about fiction is that we fill it with our own meanings. For example: was Coulson really created and written straight, instead of, let’s say, bisexual? How do you even do that unless you explicitly identify him as straight and choose to believe the character is telling the truth? You see my point? In case you don’t: fiction is infinitely malleable. There is no certainty, and there is no certainty in the universe, except perhaps change. 

I sense a certain dose of entitlement in your request — which, by the way, says a lot about you and nothing about the fiction you consume. I don’t react to entitlement well, but I am transforming my initial reaction into something positive here, and perhaps you’ll use that as a guiding light for yourself, too. Perhaps the question you want to ask yourself is, “Why am I so hung up on my perception of a fictional character’s theoretically heterosexual identity, and does me being hung up on it have anything to do with my possible uncertainty regarding my own sexual identity?”

It might. It might not. U-decide.

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                     ❝     these people are my family.
                                       & if you hurt them in any way —— i will kill you.     

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    Perfect Cast is Perfect:
    ↳ Marvel’s Agents Of S.h.i.e.l.d.

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chloebennet4: ‘#flashbackfriday to some behind the scenes footage of S1. It’s not everyday you get to pretend fall out of a car that’s falling out of a plane that’s falling out of the sky.’

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#can we just take a moment to appreciate

#that Clint

#while holed up doing a job of watching all the scientists working away

#managed to work out BEFORE the quantum physicist exactly what the fuck is going on

#with the tesseract

#by using pure logic

#it also shows that even though Nick chastises him for doing his whole ‘brood in the rafters’ nesting thing

#that Clint was paying attention the whole damn time

#this is the guy who can fire arrows without looking

#who can calculate on the fly the trajectory needed to lodge an explosive arrow into a propeller

#I will punch anyone who says Clint is useless or a deadweight because he’s squishy-human and is only good for being a marksman

#because he’s deceptively smart

#and plays that close to his chest

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